Every Client Portfolio is the Most Important One in Our Shop

We believe that investment management is most effectively delivered within the context of a client’s greater wealth picture and often, in the process of getting to know our clients, we uncover very complex wealth management needs. We work with our clients to ascertain the planning opportunities within those needs and then we develop a comprehensive strategy to transform those opportunities into increased wealth, assembling the best-suited team to execute that strategy.

Some examples include planning for the sale of a privately-held business or a transfer within a family and pulling together the right expertise to assure optimal outcomes. This coordination may include an accountant, an M&A professional, a trust and estate attorney, or a team of all three.

Similarly, we facilitate the achievement of efficient generational wealth transfer and philanthropic goals. In these cases, we work hand-in-hand with a trust and estate attorney to have their estate documents reviewed or updated. We firmly believe that helping our clients to preserve and direct their assets, by making intelligent use of estate planning tools, is as important as the management of the investments that make up those assets.

We begin client relationships with an extensive interview process in order to best identify their needs.

  • We consider all relevant aspects of our clients’ goals and priorities to clearly delineate risk parameters.
  • We take into account how our clients feel about certainty, their earning power, their income needs, and their lifestyle and philanthropic values.
  • We next create personalized investment plans that incorporate those elements and define opportunities.
  • We utilize tools that incorporate historical and forecasted risk and return relationships for a variety of investment scenarios.
  • We determine the best asset allocation plan, informed by formulas, assumptions and rules that theoretically produce a longer term ideal mix, and begin constructing a strategically-optimized portfolio.
  • We then work to enhance performance by identifying and exploiting tactical opportunities as they occur.
  • Once we have an agreed-upon plan, we stay in close touch to ensure that our plan is being realized.
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