Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Seascape Capital Management (SCM)?

SCM is an independent financial management firm, established in 2003, located just north of Boston in the Seacoast community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We offer clients throughout the region and the U.S. comprehensive financial planning and asset management services.

Why Seascape?

The Seascape experience offers clients access to a seasoned investment team and cutting-edge portfolio management technology, with the exceptional service of a local, boutique firm. As a client of SCM, you are able to speak directly to lead portfolio managers and to take advantage of dedicated service staff that can handle requests from start to finish, while avoiding the clutter of large, back-office operations. We are an independent, employee-owned firm without affiliation with large investment organizations. Because we are independent, we have no conflicting interests between our clients’ goals and the entities in which we invest client assets.

What experience does Seascape have? 

SCM portfolio managers have combined experience of more than 30 years managing assets at major Wall Street companies, as well as Boston-based firms.

Where is Seascape located?

Our address is:

99 Bow Street, Suite 300 East
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Where do we do business? 

Many of our clients are based in the Greater Boston area, however, we work with individuals, businesses, and financial professionals nationwide.

What is Seascape’s ownership structure? 

We are 100% independently-owned and controlled by the principals of the firm.

How do we make investment decisions? 

We use a proprietary portfolio management system, SeaPort™, developed by our founder, Jim McCarthy. SeaPort™ applies a disciplined bottom-up selection process that follows sophisticated quantitative models to achieve balance and manage risk. Our investment team also meets on a weekly basis to discuss strategy and explore opportunities that could benefit our clients.

How do we manage risk? 

There are different ways of managing risk, which depend on the individual client’s risk tolerance. In the equity portion of our separately-managed accounts, we utilize maximum sector exposure guidelines and a rigorous buy/sell discipline. When constructing a portfolio of multiple asset classes, we use a variety of tools to strike the optimal balance between risk and return over the client’s time horizon.

What is the difference between mutual funds and separate managed accounts? 

Separate accounts are portfolios that can be tailored to individual client objectives, offer professional management, and are equivalent or lower cost structure. With a separate account, clients also receive customized quarterly reporting. Mutual funds cannot be personalized, however they do provide the opportunity to gain exposure to certain asset classes that are difficult to invest in directly. They also allow for diversification and professional management at lower minimums.

Who do we serve best? 

Individuals, families and businesses who are looking for a trusted advisor to help them reach financial goals, enabling them to focus on other aspects of their lives. These clients typically share our interests in the local community and charities, reside in the Greater Boston area, and most have investable assets of at least one million dollars.

Do you have a business continuity plan? 

Yes, we update our BCP on a regular basis and conduct testing to ensure its viability.

How do I get started with Seascape Capital Management? 

Contact us by phone at 603.964.4480 or email us at info@seascape-capital.com. There is no charge for an initial meeting.

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