High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

Based on years of experience in the markets, Seascape's founder developed our investment process, SeaPort™, which balances diversification and concentration over the long run.  The SeaPort™ process embodies the firm's core strength in managing portfolios of individual equity securities.

SeaPort™ applies a disciplined, bottom-up stock-picking process that follows sophisticated, quantitative models to achieve balance.  This allows us to identify companies with high growth potential at a reasonable price.  Under the system, risk is controlled by applying maximum sector exposure guidelines and a rigorous buy/sell discipline.

This selection process is based on a proprietary multi-factor quantitative model: Each security in our research universe is ranked by numerous factors that uncover value in the selection process.  Each factor can be broadly categorized as Fundamental, Technical, or Earnings-oriented. We then use our proprietary methodology to weight the factors and categories, using sophisticated modeling.  This process uniquely ranks each asset and becomes the basis for the securities selection.

Next, we use our judgment to examine factors that can't be captured by statistical measures.  Equities meeting these criteria are top candidates in the portfolio-construction process.  We limit our portfolios to our best ideas, while paying attention to industry concentrations.

We monitor our process and test against new assumptions in an effort to further enhance performance and reduce risk.

Bottom line, we base our portfolio management decisions on our strict buy/sell discipline in an effort to provide market performance benefits, greater tax efficiencies, and lower costs.

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