Investment Philosophy and Research

The prerequisites of successful portfolio management: Independence and discipline

We are an independent, employee-owned firm without affiliation with other large investing organizations. Because we are independent, we have no conflicting interests between our clients’ goals and any of the entities in which we invest client assets. Only through independence can we guarantee absolute objectivity in our portfolio selection process.

We understand that our business demands the highest levels of trust, confidence, and discretion. We partner with clients in relationships that are results-oriented, long-term, and involve a high level of one-on-one interaction.

Achieving financial goals through good markets and bad requires a systematic approach that includes exhaustive research, strategic asset diversification, attention to the smallest details, and, most importantly, discipline.

The importance of detailed research: Beyond performance statistics

The most crucial component of investing is adhering to a well-thought-out discipline. Even intricately elaborate analysis, if abandoned in the throes of market extremes, will not create or protect wealth. The scoring process by which we rank potential investment targets is based on more than short and long-term performance statistics: it is based on a dynamic and proprietary combination of fundamental drivers that assesses the likelihood for delivering above-average returns.

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