Considering Ukraine And Russian Aggression

Considering Ukraine And Russian Aggression

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 9, 2022

We have all watched the crisis in Ukraine unfold in the media over the last two weeks.  Many US citizens and some of our clients have been fortunate enough until now to have been spared the real-time images of war on this scale.  Gut-wrenching and difficult to comprehend, it’s natural to feel helpless and yet still want to act to help and protect yourself.

Last month we tried to put geopolitical conflicts in context vis-à-vis the market.  Here we briefly discuss a couple of very different aspects.

Many expect Russian cyberattacks.  We thought you should know that Seascape Capital Management and Schwab Institutional have strong cybersecurity plans.  Monica is more than a little paranoid and has fostered a culture of vigilance among our team.  While we play an important role in helping protect your assets, you can also take action to protect yourself and help secure your information.  Please read this important reference material on our website, “How to Protect Your Information and Assets”, to learn how Schwab protects your account as well as best practices you should follow.  Many suggestions may be things you’re doing now, while others may be new.  If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Philanthropic Efforts: 
We are fortunate to live in a country whose borders are either oceans or friendly nations.  Watching the lives of so many proud Ukrainians become chaotic and bloody overnight reinforces how lucky we are.  Dozens, probably hundreds, of nonprofit organizations claim their mission includes helping the Ukrainians.  We began searching through the many deserving organizations but stopped when we received a vetted list from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy via Schwab Institutional.  The organizations found on this list are responding with humanitarian aid to a brave nation in dire need.  If you have a donor-advised fund at Schwab Charitable, you may also access this list on the website.  If we can help, please call.