One More Assurance for Your Comfort Level -- A Note from Monica

One More Assurance for Your Comfort Level -- A Note from Monica

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 16, 2023

Adding One More Float to the Parade and
Hopefully One More Assurance for Your Comfort Level



For what it’s worth, in the past almost thirty years, I have managed three registered investment advisory firms.  In each instance, I introduced or converted our custodial services to the institutional arm of Schwab.  Their conservative approach to the management of their business is not a new one — nor is their affirming that approach anything other than genuine.

Last evening, Bernie Clark, the Head of Schwab Advisor Services, forwarded the link below.  It connects to a recording as well as the transcript of Walt Bettinger’s interview with CNBC on Tuesday.  Walt is the Co-Chair and CEO of Schwab.  At Seascape, we were otherwise occupied so didn’t see the interview live.  Andrew and I watched it today though and decided it was worth sharing.  During market turmoil, understanding whether you are in the middle of the battlefield or safely ensconced in your bunker makes an enormous difference.

Click Here for the Interview and Transcript
We hope this helps your peace of mind.

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