Investment Process & Philosophy

Our sole purpose is to protect and grow the wealth of our clients.

A successful investment process begins with the most critical aspect of wealth planning--your financial goals. We work with each client to develop their personal goals and risk tolerance to create an effective portfolio design and implementation. While your investments are just one component of your overall wealth plan, achieving your financial goals, through good markets and bad, requires systematic methodologies and a process based on discipline, consistency and rigorous research. We bring these three essential qualities to every portfolio we manage.

We balance a concentration of individual equity securities with a diverse mix of bonds and exchange-traded funds of various asset classes to maximize return and minimize risk. We use proven fundamental and technical factors such as return on cash flow and momentum to identify investments that can outpace the market. Our process combines a disciplined emphasis on quantitative metrics with a qualitative assessment of the economic and political environment. We designed the Seascape approach to benefit from the best of both concentration and diversification.