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How to Steer Clear of Fake Websites

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 25, 2024

March 2024 -- The problem of sophisticated "spoofed" websites that are designed to convince users that they are visiting sites owned by legitimate businesses, like Schwab, are a growing threat.  Not to worry! We're here to arm you with knowledge so you can recognize spoofed websites and steer clear of them. Please read on to learn more.

Fraudsters don't take holidays: Impersonating Schwab Employees

by Laurie Barrett on Dec 14, 2023

December 2023 -- The holidays provide a great opportunity for fraudsters to unleash their schemes, knowing that we are busy traveling, shopping, and spending time with friends and families, all the while using technology that gives them an opportunity to attack. The latest threat that's come to the attention of the Schwab fraud prevention team are reports of imposters posing as Schwab employees, contacting advisors and their clients via phone and other channels, including email and text messages. Please read on for tips to prevent fraud.

529 Plans

by Laurie Barrett on Nov 28, 2023

November 2023-- In the ever-evolving landscape of financial planning, securing a prosperous future for your loved ones is a top priority. One key component that holds immense potential for shaping the educational journey of your children or grandchildren is the 529 savings plan. Please read on to learn more and call us if you need help.

Monica McCarthy and Chrissy Sullivan receive Certified Exit Planner Advisor (CEPA®) designation

by Laurie Barrett on Aug 28, 2023

August 2023-- To further our commitment to assisting our business owner clients navigate complex transitions, we are thrilled to announce that Monica and Chrissy have earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) designation. With the CEPA® designation, financial professionals help business owners: understand the value of their business; determine how ready and attractive their company is; quantify business and personal wealth metrics that could be improved; and collaborate with other professionals to develop a strategy to help them realize those goals. Building on our role as wealth managers, we help make sure business owners know what they’ll need as well as what they’ll realize from a liquidity transaction. If you or someone you know is considering the ultimate realization of their years of work in and dedication to their business, please have them contact us. We are excited to leverage our CEPA® expertise to make a positive impact in the realm of business transitions.

RMD Relief and Guidance for 2023

by Laurie Barrett on Aug 23, 2023

August 2023-- The IRS has announced certain relief for required minimum distributions (RMDs) for 2023 with respect to the recent change in the RMD age to 73 and provided guidance with respect to certain specified RMDs for inherited accounts. Please read on to learn more and call us with questions!

Seascape Capital sponsors the Cross Roads House 21st Annual Benefit by the Sea

by Laurie Barrett on Jul 27, 2023

July 2023- Seascape Capital Management was a proud sponsor of the Cross Roads House 21st Annual Benefit by the Sea earlier this Spring at the Wentworth by the Sea. The Benefit by the Sea gala is a vital part of securing the necessary funds to continue providing shelter and life changing services for men, women, and children in our community who are experiencing homelessness. Please read on for the link if you want to get involved!