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Market Recap -- Q1 2022

by Laurie Barrett on Apr 27, 2022

April 2022- Surging inflation, the war in Ukraine, and recession fears made for a difficult start to the year for both equities and fixed income. Equities are experiencing their first correction since March 2020. The S&P 500 has dropped nearly 13% and the NASDAQ over 20%. Volatility remains the dominant force as the market digests Federal Reserve rate hikes, geopolitical turmoil, and continuing macroeconomic imbalances. Bonds, faced with sharply higher and rising interest rates, failed to fulfill their traditional role as defensive ballast. The average bond, as measured by the Barclay’s US Aggregate Index, is down 9% year to date.

Seascape's Investment Process

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 24, 2022

March 2022- Over the last several weeks, a few clients have called and asked if we were considering changes in their portfolios as a result of the recent volatility and geopolitical landscape.  One brought up that, being new to the firm, he hadn’t endured a market shock like this so it might be comforting to know why we were confident in our process in the first place.  We thought it was a very apt comment so took the inspiration and ran with it.    Below we offer a brief overview of our investment process.  We hope you find it helpful. 

Seascape Capital sponsors the Cross Roads House 20th Annual Benefit by the Sea

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 16, 2022

March 2022- Seascape Capital Management is a proud sponsor of the Cross Roads House 20th Annual Benefit by the Sea on May 7th at the Wentworth by the Sea. The Benefit by the Sea gala is a vital part of securing the necessary funds to continue providing shelter and life changing services for men, women, and children in our community who are experiencing homelessness. Please read on for the link if you want to get involved!

How We Can Work Together to Protect Your Information and Assets

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 10, 2022

March 2022- Cyber criminals exploit our increasing reliance on technology. Methods used to compromise a victim’s identity or login credentials – such as malware, phishing, and social engineering – are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to spot. A fraudster’s goal is to obtain information to access to your account and assets or sell your information for this purpose. Fortunately, criminals often take the path of least resistance. Following best practices and applying caution when sharing information or executing transactions makes a big difference. Please read on to learn how Schwab protects your account as well as best practices you should follow. Many suggestions may be things you’re doing now, while others may be new. If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Considering Ukraine And Russian Aggression

by Laurie Barrett on Mar 9, 2022

March 2022-We have all watched the crisis in Ukraine unfold in the media over the last two weeks.  Many US citizens and some of our clients have been fortunate enough until now to have been spared the real-time images of war on this scale.  Gut-wrenching and difficult to comprehend, it’s natural to feel helpless and yet still want to act to help and protect yourself. Last month we tried to put geopolitical conflicts in context vis-à-vis the market.  Here we briefly discuss a couple of very different aspects.

Did you know you can connect your two client portals? Here's how!

by Laurie Barrett on Feb 23, 2022

February 2022- If you have connected to the new Reporting Portal, you now have two connected Seascape client portals:  one for Reporting and one for Financial Planning, each with its own username and password. We agree that we all have far too many passwords to remember, so below we explain how to easily connect the portals. Once you complete this simple step, you need only log on once to access both. Read on to learn more:

Charitable Contributions from IRA's

by Laurie Barrett on Feb 9, 2022

February 2022- Did you know that, if you are at least 70½ years old, you can make tax-free charitable donations directly from your IRA? By making what's called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), you can benefit your favorite charity while excluding up to $100,000 annually from gross income. These gifts, also known as "charitable IRA rollovers," would otherwise be taxable IRA distributions. Please read on to learn more and call us so we can help.

Market Recap -- Q4 2021

by Laurie Barrett on Jan 21, 2022

January 2022- Early January is always a time of reflection. A time to look back at decisions made throughout the year and evaluate our performance. Fortunately, despite numerous uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and the economy, 2021 was an excellent year for portfolios. Equities, led by US large-cap stocks, saw the S&P 500 Index return over 28% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average return nearly 21%. International equities struggled some but still returned almost 8%. Overall, global equities as measured by the MSCI All Country World Index gained 19%. Fixed Income had a very challenging year, falling almost 2% mainly due to rising inflation. Overall, our portfolios handily beat their benchmarks due to four significant decisions we made early and throughout the year.